Hi hairminded peeps!

I am Kristi, the mind behind hairminded, a working hair stylist, proud army mom to my son Drew and mom to 2 amazing English bulldogs Dash and Delilah.

Day to day I answer a lot of hair and beauty related questions. I also do a lot of googling, you tubing, and researching on all things hair and beauty related. That is how this idea of a blog was born, so that I could share all of it with all of you!

This blog is my outlet for all of those things with a little bit of my everyday life thrown in for good measure!

I look forward to connecting with my readers so I may learn and share more!

So! In the spirit of Salt-N-Pepa…..

 Let’s talk about hair & beauty.  Let’s talk about mine & yours. Let’s talk about all the tips and all the secrets that may be.

Let’s talk about it…