My home “spa” escape

I’ve mentioned before how my bathroom is my escape at home, I have my “real life” spa bathroom and my “dream spa” bathroom. Let me tell ya when I hit those winning lotto numbers I may never leave my “dream” spa! Maybe one day soon I’ll share my dream, for now I thought I would share how I made my bathroom into my spa escape!

I don’t actually escape to real spas very often, as a working hair stylist your time on yourself is usually spent throwing color on your roots after your last client and driving home with said color on to wash off in your kitchen sink after shoveling whatever food was available to you when you walked into the house. ( I hear all you stylist saying amen to that) I do however like to try to relax and pamper myself. I try to aim for at least one day a week to relax in a bath and throw on a face mask and give myself a little TLC.  In this post, part 1, I want to share with you how I turn my bathroom into a spa. Part 2 will be on my products for at home spa treatments! For now let’s get started on creating the “home spa”.

       Create the environment.


Spa’s are usually dim and quiet with relaxing music. So you need to mimic that. Create a tranquil setting with candles, a playlist of soft music or relaxing sounds ( or if your like me, I have a tv in my bathroom and watch shows I don’t like to admit to watching, i.e. The Kardashians, Real Housewives and Wags). You’re the boss here you can go as over the top or just enough, whatever suits you.

Now that you have set the mood, there are a few must haves to complete your spa experience. You have to have the goodies for it to be an out of this world spa experience.  Here are my picks, what I keep in stock for my home spa day! Just click the image for more details!

My most favorite candles by far. They are strongly fragranced so you won’t need many to fill the room with amazing scents!

Archipelago Botanicals Excursion Candle Jars – Charleston

Add a bath bomb that smells amazing, makes your skin feel like silk and adds fizz and bubbles to your bath.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb by LUSH by Cydraend

Bath Salts have many benefits in addition to being therapeutic and they also look so pretty displayed in a glass jar.

Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Variety 3 Pack: Pure Dead Sea Salt, Lavender Dead Sea Salt and Eucalyptus Dead Sea Salt (1.75lb bag of each)

Your going to want to be comfortable and stay awhile, so you will need a nice comfy bath pillow!

BEST BATH PILLOW Spa pillows with Suction Cups – Extra Firm and Best Quality – Supports Your Neck, Body & Head Perfectly – Fits All Hot Tub, Whirlpool, Jacuzzi & Standard Tubs – Great Baby Gifts!

A good body brush. I have 2 of these. One that’s firmer with “knots ” in it for a deeper massage and one with a long handle to get my back!  I actually use these daily!

JINTOP Body Brush Natural Bristle Body Brush Set Detachable Cellulite Massage Brushes Dry Or Wet Bamboo Scrub Brushes With Long Handle Wooden (Brush Set(Face Brush+Bristle Brush+Massager Head))

Towels, invest in special thick, plush towels, just for your spa days. Save the thin, color stained, kids favorite color towel for your everyday uses. These need to be your secret wrap away your worries towels.

Luxury White Bath Sheet, Egyptian Cotton, Ultra Soft & Absorbent By Winter Park Towel Co. (Oversized Large 40 by 72 Inches)

Now go get your relax on! If your tried it let me know, or share your must haves for your spa!

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