Shampooing 101

Since when did shampooing your hair get so complicated? Everywhere you look is another article about washing your hair or not washing it, how to do it or not do it, and what to use and not to use.

Lets go over the 101.

  • How often should you wash your hair?

That is entirely up to you and will be different for all hair types. Curly coarse hair can go longer than thinner straight hair just like blondes can go longer then darker shades because the latter of the 2 show oil more. If your oily you will want to shampoo daily vs drier types that can go 2 to 3 days. With the wonderful world of dry shampoo however us thinner, darker, oily girls can now go 2-3 days. Dry shampoo is my BFF. Not only does it only me to skip washing it gives me awesome volume. It is a win win.

Simple answer. Wash when you want. Just make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your hair healthy outside of the shampoo.

  • What if my hair is color treated.

You spend a good bit of money for that color make sure you are using a quality product that is for color treated hair. Shampooing will fade color over time, there is no real way around that, but using a lower quality shampoo that is not for color treated hair will for sure strip that color. You have invested in having your hair done, invest in keeping it healthy and allowing the color to last with professional products.

Simple answer, the less you shampoo the longer that color will last and remain vibrant. Using professional shampoos and conditioners is like insurance, it will help to keep that healthy vibrant just left the salon look.

  • Does water temperature matter?

YES! Hot water is not good for your hair or skin, it is actually drying. Heat is never really our friend, even when we feel like it is, it’s really sucking the moisture from us!  Finishing with a cool water rinse will seal the cuticle making your hair smoother ( same concept as finishing your blow dry with cool air) sealing the cuticle makes the hair tighten ( same concept as splashing cool water on your face to shrink pores) and makes smoothing out any frizz easier.

Simple answer, It’s always better to be on the cooler side of warm or at least end cool.


  • Lather rinse repeat?

Probably not. A good rule of thumb is if the shampoo works up into a lather you do not need to repeat. Repeating is usually left to those weekly shampoo’ers or those with heavy product use.

simple answer, not every time.

  • The scalp massage?

Serves a purpose. Massaging your scalp not only cleans your scalp which is very important it also stimulates the scalp and both lead to healthy hair growth.

Simple answer- do it.


  • What about not shampooing your hair?

Ok so this one is a big topic. I am not really one that wants to debate it, I will just say…. There are also people who do not brush their teeth, take baths, use soap, deodorant, or they use alternatives.

I personally like to do it all. Nothing to me feels better than a just washed face, body and hair ( *bonus- then getting into just washed bedding, best ever!). To me my shower is a spa. I have all the candles, body brushes, scrubs, masks and lotions. There is always at least 4 to 5  fragrance selections to choice from. Its my escape from reality and the way I love to end or start my day.

Simple answer- no answer, to each their own. My concern would be build up of oil in the pores, possible bacteria or fungal build up and what effect it could have on growth and health of the hair and scalp.

What are some of your shampooing questions? Peeves? Splurges?? Must have or rituals?

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